Improvements in Local Learning Disability Services

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, local Learning Disability nurses across Forth Valley have achieved considerable success in improving best practice for both themselves and their patients.

Over the past two years, nine staff have gained a qualification in Positive Behavioural Support. This is a challenging university-led academic course which involves teaching alternative skills to help respond to a wide range of behavioural issues and achieve meaningful outcomes for local patients and their families.
Staff have also developed new resources on relationships and wellbeing to help protect people with learning disabilities, while upholding their rights and ability to make well-informed personal choices.

The Learning Disability service in also fortunate to have their own nurse who undertakes ANP training. This nurse already takes the lead in Epilepsy EIC (excellence in care) audits and works with Learning Disability consultants to set up, run and develop specific health clinics for people with learning disabilities across Forth Valley.

NHS Forth Valley’s Interim Lead Nurse for Learning Disability Services, Norah Quinn, said: “Traditionally, staff working in Learning Disabilities haven’t been very great at showcasing their work however they deserve to be recognised for everything they have achieved over the last two years while responding to the ongoing demands of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am very proud of the commitment, dedication and continued drive all our nurses continually show. We also are very fortunate to have two Queens Nurses, one who has just received their award and another who is just beginning their journey on this very prestigious programme which enables community nurses to develop their professional skills to improve patient care in the community. To have two in our service and working in Forth Valley is a huge achievement.”

“The willingness of local staff to continually learn, adapt and improve means that our learning disability services are in very good hands for the future.”