Inspirational Programme Helps Women in Falkirk THRIVE

Women from Falkirk recently completed an inspirational programme designed to build their confidence, motivation, self-esteem as well as provide opportunities for volunteering, learning and employment.

The THRIVE to Keep Well is a 16-week programme delivered and supported by a number of local organisations in partnership with NHS Forth Valley.

  • Falkirk High School
  • Employment & Training Unit
  • Art Link
  • Fire Brigade
  • Forth Environmental Link(FEL)
  • Council of voluntary services (CVS)
  • Home Start and other third sector agencies.

The women recently attended a Special Celebration Day to mark the completion of this life-changing programme to set them on course for a brighter future. The THRIVE to Keep Well programme includes workshops to increase knowledge, awareness and life skill learning to build on confidence, motivation, self-esteem and find better ways to deal with day to day stresses, as well as advice on how to create a healthier and more positive lifestyle. Lastly, it gives participants opportunities to take up volunteering, learning or employment and become more skilled at supporting their children’s learning and development.

During the celebration event, the women explained why they decided to take part in THRIVE to Keep Well programme – comments including

  • “Before THRIVE I was down in the dumps, lacked motivation and slept a lot. I learned to cook better and deal with stress. I enjoyed learning breathing techniques, physical and mental health, and meeting new people. My life now is much better my wellbeing has improved, I have taken up running lost weight feel healthier confident and motivated.”
  • “When I started the THRIVE to Keep Well programme my life was stressful. I now can relax more due to learning relaxation techniques by doing this I feel less stressed with the family and deal with daily stresses better. I would really like to keep in touch with everyone. I want to do more courses to better myself and my confidence as it makes me feel great. I can also show my kids how to do some arts and crafts which I have learned at the programme.”
  • “Before I came to THRIVE, I was stuck in the house a lot because of the lockdown and I felt very isolated. I am in a much happier place since coming to THRIVE and have become good friends with the group of women. I feel more confident coming to the programme I’ve learned things that I can continue to use do in the future. My future goals are to work as a dinner lady to work round my family’s needs.”

Presenting certificates Falkirk Provost, Robert Bissett said: “It was an honour to be asked to attend the THRIVE celebration event and to present the certificates and flowers to those who participated in the course. It was very moving to hear how the programme has been enabling, positive life changes.

I shared my own family experience of anxiety and depression and how it is disabling but can be overcome with the right tools and support. The tools and support that the THRIVE programme provides helps participants to manage their day-to-day stress, motivation and anxiety and to move onto a positive destination in Volunteering, learning or employment.

“We live in a fast paced, ever demanding world and it is no shame to say we are suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. I look forward to attending the next celebration event. THRIVE have my full support.”

Ensuring that women and parents in Falkirk will be confident, aspirational and achieve their full potential is a strategic priority in our Local Outcomes Improvement Plan. We are focussed on raising attainment for every child and the THRIVE to Keep well programme is a great example of what collaboration between services in our local communities can achieve’.

His thoughts were echoed by NHS Forth Valley’s, Principal Public Health Officer, Joanne O Suilleabhain, who said: “This is a fantastic example of partnership working being able to tackle the root causes of health inequality and to support women in particular, to move into learning, volunteering and employment opportunities.”

NHS Forth Valley Keep Well has established a partnership with Falkirk Council Education and Employment Services to deliver this successful programme. Falkirk High School has provided a staff member to be trained as a facilitator and employment Services have committed to funding Falkirk THRIVE programmes to support their local parents to improve on their health and wellbeing, transition onto Learning, Employment or volunteering opportunities.

Due to this partnership, future programmes and funding are being put in place for Falkirk and Grangemouth for 2024 from 2 x programmes Feb to June and 2x programmes Aug to Dec.

If you would like to know more about the Falkirk THRIVE to Keep Well programme please get in touch with the programme Coordinator, Jackie Turnbull at or phone 07909002795.