Life Changing Programme Helps Falkirk Women Thrive

Women from the Falkirk area attended a special celebration recently to mark the completion of a life-changing programme to set them on course for a brighter future.

A total of 10 women took part in the THRIVE to Keep Well 16-week programme. They focused on increasing their individual knowledge, awareness, and life skills through a variety of learning session, which enabled them to build on their confidence, motivation, self-esteem and manage day-to-day stresses.

They were also given advice on how to create a healthier and more positive lifestyle and as the programme progressed, were offered opportunities to take up volunteering, learning or employment and become more skilled at supporting their children’s learning and development.

The programme was delivered and supported by local partners including NHS Forth Valley, Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill, Falkirk Council Community Learning and Development, Adult Learning Team (WEA), Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Artlink Central, and other community organisations.

During the celebration event, the women explained why they decided to take part in the THRIVE to Keep Well programme and shared details of some of the positive benefits they had experienced.

“Before THRIVE I was down in the dumps and lacked motivation. I learned to cook better and deal with stress. I enjoyed learning breathing techniques, physical and mental health, and meeting new people. My life now is much better. I am losing weight and am eating healthier – I have lost a stone already.”

“When I started the THRIVE to Keep Well programme my life was stressful. I now can relax more due to learning relaxation techniques. By doing this I feel less stressed with the family and deal with daily stresses better.”

Councillor Emma Russell, Falkirk Council, said: “It is humbling to hear how women are transforming their lives through engagement in the THRIVE to Keep Well programme and I was delighted to congratulate them for successfully completing the programme.’

“Ensuring that women and parents in Falkirk will be confident, aspirational and achieve their full potential is a strategic priority in our Local Outcomes Improvement Plan. We are focussed on raising attainment for every child and the THRIVE to Keep well programme is a great example of what collaboration between services in our local communities can achieve.”

Her thoughts were echoed by NHS Forth Valley, Principal Public Health Officer, Joanne O Suilleabhain, who added: “This is a fantastic example of partnership working being able to tackle the root causes of health inequality and to support women in particular, to move into learning and employment opportunities.”

Through a successful partnership between NHS Forth Valley and local education services Carmuirs Primary School in Camelon has come on board to provide staff time to THRIVE and support their local parents to improve their health and wellbeing.

This has led to another THRIVE to Keep well programme starting at Camelon Community Centre with 10 women attending.

The partnership is also aiming to deliver two further THRIVE to Keep Well programmes later this year from August to December 2022 at Camelon Community Centre and work with a local men’s group.

For more information about the Falkirk THRIVE to Keep Well programme please get in touch with the programme Coordinator, Jackie Turnbull at or phone 07909002795.