Look After Your Mental Wellbeing with Mind to Mind

NHS Forth Valley today encouraged people to look after their mental wellbeing, highlighting the support available to those dealing with life’s challenges.

Mind to Mind, hosted on NHS Inform, features over 30 videos of people talking about their own mental wellbeing challenges in a bid to help others who may be going through the same.

Covering topics including dealing with anxiety and panic, coping with money worries, handling stress, improving sleep, lifting mood and moving through grief, each contributor shares practical advice on what has worked for them.

The website also features commentary from a range of professionals and signposts where people can access further help and support.

Lorraine Robertson, Head of Mental Health Nursing, NHS Forth Valley, said: “If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or low, are worried about money or having problems sleeping, it’s important to remember support is available.

“Hearing about the experiences of others can help with life’s daily stresses, and Mind to Mind is a valuable source of help and advice from people who have dealt with similar challenges.

“If you need more urgent help, you can contact your General Practice during office hours, phone NHS 24 on 111 at anytime and in an emergency you can phone 999.”

The Scottish Government’s Principal Medical Officer for Mental Health, Dr Alastair Cook, acknowledged that the things happening in the world at the moment can add to the day-to-day stresses – but emphasised the importance of people looking after their mental health and the simple techniques that can help.

He explained: “Our mental wellbeing, like other aspects of health and fitness, is something we need to think about regularly.

“The world is a difficult place and problems seem to keep increasing with cost of living, wars, natural disasters and climate change.  Since the coronavirus pandemic it can feel as though there has never been the space or time to ‘get back to normal’, and all these ‘big’ stresses add to all the normal day to day stresses every one of us faces.

“There are lots of things we can do to improve our mental wellbeing, whether it’s making lifestyle changes, moving more, connecting with others or making time to get out in the fresh air.

“If you’re finding things difficult, it’s important to remember support is available.”

For help and advice on looking after your mental wellbeing visit www.nhsinform.scot/mindtomind