More Time to Visit

A new visiting programme has been launched at Falkirk Community Hospital to allow families and carers to see their loved ones outwith normal visiting times.  It is part of the Scottish Government Patient-Centred Visiting initiative and people have been asked for feedback on the changes.

The launch was celebrated with tea and cakes baked by staff, and student nurses brought patients without visitors to the ground floor of the hospital to join them for a welcome cuppa.

Visitors were given the names of charge nurses in Units 1 to 4 as a contact point to arrange times. Around 75 members of the public attended and Senior Charge Nurse Irene Martin said she was delighted with the response.

“This event has been really successful and the patients have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Relatives and carers have been eager to offer their views.  Some of our patients are in for a couple of weeks, some for a couple of months, so we want to make it as homely as possible for them.  Some for example, may have been early risers all their lives, getting up at 5.00am, and it would be good for their wellbeing if a visitor could join them at breakfast time to have a cup of coffee.”

Evidence suggests that removing restrictions on visiting times can lead to better outcomes and enhanced quality of care.  However to keep patients safe there may be times such as during ward rounds, when people need extra attention and visitors could be asked to step outside the ward while treatment is given.