New Family Webpage ‘Focus on Your Family’

Public Health Dietitians are running a campaign at the end of August to mark the launch of a new webpage ‘Focus on your Family’ which is hosted on our NHS Forth Valley ‘Choose to Lose’ website

Raising the issue of weight management can be a difficult and sensitive issue for staff to raise with patients, families and children, this webpage will be a great starting point for staff to offer families a fun and whole family approach to eating well and getting fitter.
The new webpage offers:

  • Practical advice and information to help families work together to develop a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • Downloadable resources, quick & easy recipes and a fun family workbook which includes meal planners, reward charts, a change checker chart and a fun fitness file.
  • Links to useful websites, mobile apps, quizzes and online nutrition games.

Campaign resources – posters / postcards / family monitoring workbooks are available – if you would like some resources the please email