New Partnership with Scottish Prison Service and Police Scotland

Police in Forth Valley are launching a partnership initiative with the NHS Forth Valley and Scottish Prison Service.

The scheme will see officers based within custodial institutions and Forth Valley Royal Hospital to promote a more collaborative approach when dealing with victims of crime as well as those who offend.

Following the launch on 4th April 2016, Police Scotland will be represented within Forth Valley Royal Hospital, and three Scottish Prison Service facilities – HMP/YOI Polmont, HMP Genochil, and HMP/YOI Cornton Vale.

The aim is to provide partners within the health and prison service with dedicated resources to support them in addressing incidents that arise within their facilities and ensure a consistent and effective police response in preventing crimes being committed and if required, dealing promptly and efficiently with perpetrators.

In addition, these dedicated officers will be able to engage more fully with those who visit and work at the individual premises to more effectively address the fear of crime.

Superintendent Kenny Macleod from Falkirk Police Station, said: “This initiative will have many benefits, and addresses the inequalities in society by reaching out in a more Community Policing based model, with named officers working in partnership with NHS and SPS staff to make our communities safer, make ourselves more accessible to more people and provide an efficient visible Police presence at each of these busy locations.

“I’m convinced that this is an excellent example of National organisations working together for a common purpose and Police Scotland is committed to the continual improvement of the level of service we provide and I anticipate this initiative being a great success for all agencies involved.”

A spokesperson for The Scottish Prison Service said: ”The Scottish Prison Service welcomes this further development in partnership working with Police Scotland.

“Partnership is a key element in all of our work, by working closely with other agencies and other partners, we are able to deliver better outcomes for the communities we serve.

“Partnership working with Police Scotland has already provided many benefits, we look forward to this new chapter in our working relationship.”

Miss Tracey Gillies, Medical Director, NHS Forth Valley said: “This is an excellent example of joint working between the NHS, the prison service and local police.

“It will not only make it far quicker and easier for the police to gather statements but also provide a visible, accessible and reassuring police presence to our staff and the thousands of patients and visitors who attend the hospital every day.”