New ‘Pop Up’ Helps Patients Relive Their Past

Those visiting Ward 4 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, may be surprised to come across a garden shed complete with potting bench, retro radio and various garden tools, as they make their way down one of the corridors.

The set-up, is actually a pop-up known as a ‘RemPod’ or Reminiscence Pod, which has the ability to transform clinical environments into a scene from yesteryear and allow patients, particularly those with dementia, to reminisce on days gone by.

Easily transferable between areas, the pod benefits patients in all specialist dementia units across NHS Forth Valley, with Ward 4 being the first area to try it out.

Senior Charge Nurse Colette Quigley said: “The addition of the RemPod has been a great success so far for many of our patients. The reactions we have witnessed have been very encouraging. Some patients who would normally continually walk around the ward are stopping and engaging with the pod and equipment. It is also supporting reminiscence, prompting meaningful conversations and activities which are having a positive impact on the individual’s wellbeing”.

The pods have been donated by the Friends of Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Chair Bob Ness said: “We are delighted to be able to help wards by funding these projects. We, as a committee, are always open to new ideas and ways of helping people, particularly services for older people and mental health care”.

Reminiscence therapy has been proven to reduce levels of stress and distress, increase dietary and fluid intake as well as enhancing emotional wellbeing for people with dementia. The pod also encourages activity and conversations between patients, carers and staff and there are plans to buy additional scenes to provide greater variety.