Practical Sports Session for Type 1 Diabetes

A spin class aimed specifically at people with Type 1 Diabetes is being tried out by patients from across Forth Valley, in a bid to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Eighteen people have signed up for the practical sports session at the University of Stirling on the 24th April 2014, which is designed to provide reliable information on insulin management and nutrition for those with the condition, while providing a safe and controlled environment for physical activity.

NHS Forth Valley Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Chris Kelly has devised the session as a continuation of a popular annual sport and activity event hosted by Loughborough University, which educates people on diabetes management and physical exercise.

The session will involve an hour-long information segment – hosted by Dr Kelly, Lead Diabetes Nurse Hilary Whitty and Lead Dietitian Kathryn Fraser – which will cover diet, physiology, insulin management and carbohydrate intake, followed by lunch and then a spin class in the afternoon.

Dr Kelly said: “The session is designed to enhance both the confidence of those attending and their understanding of managing their insulin levels. Getting the balance between insulin and carbohydrate can be tricky and exercise can trigger a hypoglycemia (a low blood sugar).

“As hypoglycaemia is so unpleasant, many avoid exercise as a precautionary measure, and we hope that by providing an exercise class which also provides an opportunity to check blood sugar levels we will help people learn about how to balance their insulin with exercise and so gain the confidence and skill to enjoy sport and exercise without the worry of hypoglycaemia.”

The class has proved so popular that the team is looking to hold another in the summer months during school holidays, to appeal to younger patients. For more information on any upcoming sessions, contact or call 01786 457256.