Help Shape Future Health Services

NHS Forth Valley has launched a major review of health services and is asking local people to have their say on how future healthcare should be delivered. The Board is particularly keen to hear the views of local patients, carers and voluntary organisations across Forth Valley on the issues which matter most to them.

The Clinical Services Review (CSR) will look at eight key areas, including cancer care and emergency and out-of-hours services, to help develop a new healthcare strategy which will set out NHS Forth Valley’s plans and priorities for the next five years from 2015 – 2020.

Each area or workstream will be led by a senior clinician and manager who work closely with staff, patients, partners and community groups to consider how local services should be designed and delivered to meet the needs of local people, keep pace with demand and deliver the Scottish Government’s 2020 Vision for healthcare. This aims to ensure that, by the year 2020, people across Scotland are able to lead longer, healthier lives at home or in a homely setting with the majority of healthcare delivered in a community setting. If people do require hospital care, day case treatment should be the norm and there will be a focus on ensuring that patients return home as soon as possible with the right support to help avoid and reduce hospital readmissions.

The Review will also take into account national health policies, strategies and targets, service trends and best practice locally, nationally and internationally. Workstream leads will look at innovative ways of working and opportunities to use new technology, taking into account the overarching aim of providing safe, effective, person centred care within available resources. They will also consider the work already underway to integrate local health and social care services across Forth Valley.

Jane Grant, Chief Executive of NHS Forth Valley, said: “Major changes have been made to hospitals and healthcare facilities across Forth Valley over the last few years and we now need to look at the way we organise, deliver and develop our health services in the future to ensure we continue to meet the needs of local patients”.

“As part of the Review we are keen to gather feedback and suggestions from a wide range of patients, community groups and voluntary organisations across Forth Valley as it’s important we listen to what people think of our existing services and how they would like to see them developed in the future.”

During the review, which will run from October 2014 to April 2015, a number of local workshops, focus groups and engagement events will be organised to capture feedback from patients, carers, community groups and organisations across Forth Valley.

People can also feedback comments and suggestions direct by:

Robert Stevenson
Senior Planning Manager
NHS Forth Valley
Carseview House
Castle Business Park
Stirling, FK9 4SW