Racing for Bowel Cancer

Posh frocks, fancy hats and dickey bows were the order of the evening at an Ascot Race Night to raise money for diagnostic equipment to help treat bowel cancer. A cheque for £3,000 was handed over at Forth Valley Royal Hospital by members of the Inner Wheel Club of Stirling, who also raised another £2,000 at the event which has been given to a bowel cancer charity.

Organiser Nanette Thomson said the Race Night had taken six months to organise, and had been prompted by knowing friends and relatives who were being treated for bowel cancer. She explained: “You hear more and more about health issues and this type of equipment is so necessary. Detect cancer early is a message that were keen to emulate and this diagnostic equipment is a step forward in the fight against bowel cancer.”

The money will go towards the purchase of a specialist high definition camera. Each camera costs around £16,000.

NHS Forth Valley Consultant Surgeon John Camilleri-Brennan added: “Through bowel screening we are seeing many more patients and by diagnosing bowel cancer at a very early stage it enables us to offer more effective treatment and help save lives. In some cases it also eliminates major surgery in favour of keyhole and endoscopic surgery.”