TB Case in Plean

Public health experts in NHS Forth Valley have confirmed that a member of staff at East Plean Primary School has recently been diagnosed with TB (tuberculosis) affecting the lungs, and is currently receiving treatment at home. The disease, which is caused by a type of bacteria, can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

In line with national guidance, a number of teachers and pupils are being offered screening as a precautionary measure as the risk of infection is considered very low. In addition, a leaflet containing advice and information on TB has been distributed to the wider school community to ensure all staff and parents are aware of the symptoms.

TB screening for children involves a simple skin test on the forearm and a number of screening clinics have been arranged at East Plean Primary School during July 2014. Staff over the age of 35, who came into close contact with the member of staff affected, have been asked to attend either Forth Valley Royal Hospital or Stirling Community Hospital to have a chest x-ray.

Dr Jennifer Champion, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS Forth Valley said: “There are around 400 cases of TB in Scotland every year and the vast majority are successfully treated with antibiotics.

“TB is not easily passed from person to person and therefore the risk of infection among people who have been in close contact with a case is very low.”