Health Service Arrangements for National Day of Mourning – Mon 19th Sept

GP practices across Forth Valley will be closed for the additional public holiday on Monday 19th September and reopen on Tuesday 20th September 2022.

A number of local pharmacies, dental practices and opticians will also be closed and people are advised to check direct for local arrangements.

However, a small number of local pharmacies in Forth Valley will be open on public holiday to provide health advice and treatment for many common health conditions and details will be published on the NHS Forth Valley website at  You can also visit for healthcare advice and symptom checkers.

People who take regular medication are asked to ensure that they order and collect any prescriptions from their local GP or pharmacy in plenty of time to avoid running out during the public holiday period.

Anyone who requires urgent healthcare advice or treatment during the public holiday which can’t wait until their GP Practice reopens on Tuesday 20th September should call NHS 24 on 111 for advice. They can arrange a consultation with a local healthcare professional and organise an appointment for you to attend a local healthcare facility if you need to be seen.

Operations, day procedures, scans and outpatient appointments scheduled to take place on Monday 19th September 2022 will go ahead as planned so patients should attend as normal. Anyone who wishes to reschedule their appointment or is unable to attend for any reason should contact our Patient Booking Team in advance by calling 01324 566 249 or completing the online form on the NHS Forth Valley website

Vaccination appointments for the Covid-19 booster and flu vaccines will also continue to be delivered on Monday 19th September 2022 however, anyone who wishes to rearrange their vaccination appointment should contact NHS Forth Valley’s vaccination team on 0800 130 3120, in advance.

The Emergency Department at Forth Valley Royal Hospital continues to be exceptionally busy and is there to treat patients with serious illnesses and injuries, like suspected heart attacks, strokes and breathing difficulties, who require emergency care. Anyone with a non-life-threatening injury or illness should call NHS 24 on 111, day or night first to access advice and treatment as quickly as possible and avoid a long wait.

More health information and advice can be found on the NHS Forth Valley website and updates will also be issued on social media.