Winter Vaccine Appointment Letters for People with Underlying Health Conditions

Appointment letters for winter vaccines, inviting those aged 5 and over who are at higher risk of Covid-19 or flu, are being sent out across Forth Valley over the next five weeks.

This includes those with certain underlying health conditions such as chronic respiratory, liver, kidney, heart or neurological disease, diabetes or with a severely weakened immune system.

More than two million people in Scotland will be offered vaccines over the next three months – with those most at risk the first to be vaccinated to protect themselves and help relieve pressure on the NHS.

Fiona Coan, Service Manager, NHS Forth Valley said: “We strongly recommend those who are more vulnerable to serious complications from Covid-19 and flu get the vaccines. Both Covid-19 and flu can be serious even if you are healthy.

“Protection fades over time, so it’s important to restore it by having the vaccines when offered them. If you are unable to make the appointment time, please follow the instructions on your letter to rearrange it.”

Appointment letters will include information about how carers aged 16 and over and people aged 5 and over who live with someone with a weakened immune system can book an appointment.

If you have a condition and do not receive an appointment letter, you can check whether you are eligible and book an appointment at Appointments for children under 16 must be booked by calling 0800 030 8013.

All people aged 65 or over should have received a scheduled appointment for Covid-19 and flu vaccinations by now. If you have not yet received this you can book an appointment at

Those who are pregnant are also eligible and should speak to their midwife if they do not yet have an appointment.

If you are aged 50 to 64 with no additional risk factors, please wait to be contacted about your winter vaccination appointment.